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1. As a construct, what is your approach to teaching?How does inquiry-based learning differ from the tradional model, with the teacher as the source of all instruction? Provide exapmles of each style.

2. How can you provide relevant hands on learning ina science classroom when few resources are provided bt thw school? How can you ensure student safety and involvement in the science classroom?

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    I think you've already asked these questions -- and they've been answered. Please click on your name above to find your original posts.

    If you can't find them there, you can enter key words in the SEARCH box on the upper right to find these questions and their answers.

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    this what i have so far.. I need more help please.. According to the reading it says to teach science to develop students’ problem-solving capacities. Any teacher may have opportunities to help the students curiosity and to confront students with interesting problems to stimulate an investigation. I would find things that I think would make the students in interested and fun to learn. I would have open ended discussions, group projects, and experiments. I would have hands on projects for individuals and groups. The reading defines that the programs are inquiry-based and engage students in a simulated experience. The tradional model is

    i need like 100 more words

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