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I think I have these corrct, but I am not sure. Can someone tell me if I am right or wrong?

direct object gerund

The students downplay walking in the rain. (downplay)
We enjoy surfing as a group. (enjoy)
The children adore talking on the internet. (adore)
The residents practice waiting for everyone. (practice)
The passengers avoid crowdin the aisles. (avoid)

direct object infinitival

We began to think of other things to do. (began)
They attempt to study every day of the week. (attempt)
They hope to make their appearance before the end of the month. (hope)
They agreed to go to the hospital at once. (agreed)
I want to make snacks for the party. (want)

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    I'm sorry, but all of your answers are wrong.

    You've identified the verb in each question, but not the direct objects.

    Let's analyze the first sentence:
    The students downplay walking in the rain.

    The gerund "walking" is the direct object of the verb "downplay." The direct object receives the action of the verb and tells WHAT the students downplay.

    Please go back and correct your answers and we'll be happy to look at them again.

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    I am sorry, I was suppose to identify the main verbs then write sentences that used them as gerund direct objects and infinitival direct objects. Do I have the verbs correct?

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    Yes. You've correctly identified all of the verbs. :-)

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