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Feedback on writing can come from several sources. In other words, writing is usually not a solo activity, but is best done in community.

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    I disagree. Writing is a solitary pursuit in which one person tries to communicate his/her thoughts and research to readers;

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    Ms Sue here is the question: How important might be the "community" aspect of writing?

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    I don't think the "community" is important at all in writing.

    My husband was a published writer of 9 books. His writing was always solitary until he'd written and rewritten his work several times. Then -- and only then -- did he submit the manuscript to a few colleagues who read it to verify the facts. The final step was to send it to a publisher who then did the final minor editing and proofreading of the galley proofs.

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    did he get it published and what is the name of the book

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    My husband was a published writer of 9 books.

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    okay i want to read one of his books

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