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I am writing a book report on Gulliver's Travels in which I have to compare myself with one of the characters. I have chosen Lemuel Gulliver, and I need an attention getter. This is what I have "Every once in a while we run on to characters in literature that reminds us of ourselves. As I read Gulliver’s Travels, I realized that Lemuel Gulliver and I have a lot in common." Any ideas, suggestions or websites that would help. Thank you in advance

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    What do you have in common with Gulliver? Your "attention-getter" could be more dramatic if you started with such a trait. "Every once in a while . . ." is pretty weak when you're try to grab your audience.

    Please check back as I'm sure other teachers will offer their opinion.

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    Here is a great description of Lemuel. If after reading it, you still believe that you "are" Lemuel, then I think a good way to begin your essay would be," I am NOT a hero."

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    You might want to correct this:

    characters in literature that reminds = character that reminds us (singular)
    characters that remind us (plural)


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    Thank you all. You have been lots of help.

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