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Which of the following is FALSE?
-Chinese American infants have the lowest mortality rate
- In the United State, physicians view physical complaints from men the same as they do from women
- African Americans have higher rates of hypertension and diabetes when compared to White Americans
- In the US women are more likely to die after surgery than are men
- Herart problems among Hispanic Americans are less prevalent than heart problems among non-Hispanic White Americans.

I'm stumped. Don't even have the slighest idea.

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    No one understands how hard Connections is. It's worse than public school. After I finish this semester, I'm leaving. Even my parents agree; six quizzes, three tests, and five portfolios in one day is too overbearing! I work from 8:00 AM to midnight every day doing homework. I am NOT exaggerating. May God be my witness. My teachers don't call me back when I need help! My mother sent a letter to the principal about this. We never got a response.

    I am sick and tired of people saying, "Just call your teacher. You obviously have access to textbooks. Read your textbook." YOU obviously don't know what it's like to be in Connexus. We don't have textbooks. We have crappy online e-books that aren't always available when we need them!


    Help as many students as possible!
    Show the teachers that they have to step up and actually TEACH instead of ignoring their students!

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