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T-tubules can conduct action potentials because

A contracture is when there is a lack of ATP in a muscle; this would

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    Please re write your question, not sure what you are asking, Ttubules are the spaces in between the end plates of the sarcoplasmic riticulum also called the terminal cisterna. The ttubule is a continuation fo the muscle fiber membrane therefore making it continuous with the extracellular fluid. This makes the ttubule able to communicate with the ouside They rapidly move action potentials that originate at the neuromuscular junction into the interior of the muscle fiber.
    Lack of ATP-- this would cause the muscle to possible be locked into a power stroke and unable to relaease, however this does not happen often for the single cause of lack of ATP Most studies show that even intense exercise uses only 30% of the atp in a muscle fiber, the condition must come from other changes in the muscle.

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    Found something else that might help. The release of myosin heads from actin requires ATP binding, energy from ATP is required for the power stroke. Relaxation does not directly require ATP but relaxation will not occur unless Ca2 is pumped back into the sarcoplasmic reticulium using Ca2-ATPase.

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