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What was America like when Franklin Roosevelt was born? He was born in 1882

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    Here are a number of interesting sites on American in l882

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    In 1882, most people lived on family farms or in small towns. A few lived in cities -- and those who worked in factories worked long, hard hours each day.

    There were no telephones, radios, or TVs. They communicated by letters or in person. Occasionally they sent telegrams to distant people to relay important news. Entertainment consisted of family parties, games, and the occasonal lectures or concerts -- often produced by traveling Chautauqua groups.

    Since there were no cars, people traveled by horse or horse and buggy or steam-powered trains.

    Medical care was usually provided by family doctors who visited the patients in their homes or by family members. Babies were born at home.

    Although many Americans never went to school, those who were lucky may have attended for a few years.

    You may find this article interesting.

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