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im writing a speech on optimism. What are some things i could put in it?

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    Taylorr -- I'm optimistic that you can think of many reasons to be optimistic.

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    thank you SraJMcGin your answer really helped me.

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    actually, my speech is almost complete, i just needed a few more ideas for the ending.

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    could you edit my speech and check it over please?
    Have you ever read the book “The little engine that could”? It kept saying I-think-I-can I-think-I-can. And guess what? He ended up doing it. Just believe in yourself, and anything can happen.

    Good morning teachers and fellow classmates. Have you ever woke up in the morning and said that you were going to have a great day? If you have, then you are considered an optimist. An optimist is a person that maintains a view of the world as a positive place. Here’s an example. There’s a glass of water filled half way, do you consider it half full or half empty?
    If you answered half full, then you are said to be an optimist.

    An optimist sees the good in even the worst situations. Let’s say your alarm clock didn’t go off in the morning, you were late for school, forgot your lunch, and lost the twenty dollars out of your backpack you use in emergencies. An optimist would describe their day like this. Today I got to sleep in, miss half of math, got to share my friend’s lunch, and saved myself from buying that gross food from the cafeteria. I had a great day! The optimist didn’t even mention the bad things that happened. They focused on the good things rather than complain about all the bad things.

    Optimistic people feel secure and happy with the way their life is right now, and tend to be outgoing with strangers. They don’t get stressed out easily, and tend to be more successful. They are more successful because they are always saying to themselves that they can do it, and rarely complain. They usually feel more secure because they always are positive, so they usually have nothing to feel insecure about. Optimists tend to be happy and outgoing with strangers because they feel positive about making new friends.

    We humans tend to be very optimistic. In fact, it's long been established by psychologists that most people tend to be irrationally positive. Many researchers have claimed that a positive outlook motivates us to plan for our future and may even have an effect on our long-term physical health.
    Optimism may be so necessary to our survival that it's hardwired in our brains. Researchers found that the brains of optimistic people actually light up differently on a scan than those who tend to be more negative when they think about future events. The difference between positive and negative minds is especially noticeable in areas of the brain that have been linked to depression. The problem with depression is that people are so negative that they don't engage in actions that could make their lives better. Optimism motivates individuals to take control of their lives, while depression has been found to have the opposite effect.
    In conclusion, an optimist is a person that thinks positively, and always thinks on the bright side. They are more successful and feel secure and happy with the way their life is right now. So if you still think that being negative does not affect you in any way, then it would be pretty sad. So just remember that book “The little engine that could” and be that train. Just keep saying to yourself I-think-I-can I-think-I-can, and I’m sure you’ll be fine.

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    k fine cherry, taylor and sarah r the same people. sorry.

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