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Proportion practice:

"Fancy factory has 300 employees with a 3 to 7 ratio of men to women. How many men work there?"

I've been working on this forever. And I can't figure out what to do. DX uarrghhh. Help?

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    You could set up a proportion:

    7/10 = x/300
    10x = 2100
    x = 210

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    if you mean there are 3 men to 7 women, then the answer is 90 men to 210 women.

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    if you mean there are 3 women to 7 men, then it's 210 men and 90 women.

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    But how did you get E.G? that I'm sorry but I don't understand. [hitshead]

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    Ms. Sue, how did you get 7/10, when there is 7:3 women to men? (confused)

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    I'm afraid my system is very primitive.
    What I did is add 3+7 = 10
    then I divided 300 by 10 = 30
    then I multiplied 3 x 30 = 90
    and 7x30 = 210
    I am certain that Ms. Sue can explain that a lot better and much more professional that I can.

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