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I am stuck on the following question in chapter 1:
What is ironic about the “Christ killer” label so common in Eastern Europe? (Think about the historic events of the crucifixion—hint, answer who?)

And the following in chapter 2:

In what ways has Rivkeh ceased to be a “light-hearted elder sister”(55) to Asher?

What does Aryeh learn has happened to a group of Jewish writers in Russia?

What does Aryeh say in reaction to the killing of people in the Soviet Union?

Describe the developing relationship between Asher and Yudel Krinsky.

In this chapter what is said to be happening to Jews in Russia?

Where does Rivkeh stand while waiting in the house for Aryeh or Asher to return home?


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    This site will help you with those questions.


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    Yes I have read through that site after reading the 2 chapters, as well as bookrags and no specific answers to my questions on either.


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