3rd grade 1st year spanish

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I am so confused. This is my first year of spanish and I only have it 1 day a week. Our books are really small without any translated information. I need 2 words that start with the following letters in spanish with the english translation. Thanks for your help.

2 words

1 word
I already have Hola

  • 3rd grade 1st year spanish -

    yo - I
    yelmo - helmet

    kilovatio - kilowatt
    klaxon - car horn

  • 3rd grade 1st year spanish -

    the first two are right..
    the other two arent.
    im latin i should know.

  • 3rd grade 1st year spanish -

    y = and
    ya = already, yet
    yanqui = Yankee
    yogurt = yogurt

    karate = karate
    kilogramo = kilogram
    kilómetro = kilometer


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