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In "Pick Yourself" by Jerome Kern & Dorothy Fields, what is the songwriter encouraging you to do? Give 2 supporting details from song.Also, give an example on how the song could inspire me to think or act differently.

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    This is an excellent question for YOU to think about. Consider the last lines of several stanzas.

    We'll be glad to critique your answers.


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    I think the songwriter is telling the boy that nothing is impossible and if he finds difficulty in the things he wants to accomplish, don't give up, stay positive, believe in yourself and move forward. Eventually, you will be a man, you have to work hard, but you will get there. The inspires be to believe in myself and not to give up. I may hit a couple of bumpsa along the way, but just pick myself up, dust myself off and start all over again.
    Is this good?

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    It's excellent! :-)

    My question to you -- Why did you use 3rd grade in your subject line? This is obviously not a third grade question -- nor is your answer a third grade answer.

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    Yes, this is the question for my daughter's 3rd grade music class. She gets very difficult work and this is why i go on this site, to try to see if you can use 3rd grade language. I obviously know how to answer it, but i have to put it in her terms.You have asked me this before and yes all questions that i post are for my daughter who is in 3rd grade. Thank you.

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    saturday november 15 ' 2008 at 5;20pm

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