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Co(H2O)6^2+(aq) + 4Cl^-(aq) <==> CoCl4^2-(aq) + 6H2O(l)

Q: What would happen when you add HCl as a source of Cl- ions? Explain the observations in terms of Le Chatelier's principle.

Would the answer be that the reaction shifts to the right? How would you say this in 'terms of Le Chatelier's principle'.


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    Yes, the reaction shifts to the right.
    Because the reactant concentration increased, equilibrium will be shifted to product

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    In terms of LC principle you have disturbed the equilibrium by increasing the Cl- concentration. The system will therefore shift in such a way as to accommodate the change and to do this it needs to reduce the Cl- and does so by the cobalt complex reacting with the Cl- to produce more product.

    [I am not a fan of writing the explanation in such a way as though it seems like the system makes a decision, but it is often written this way]

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    One more thing, could someone check these answers?
    1) By adding H2O the equation shifts to the left
    2) By adding AgNO3 the equation shifts to the left
    3) By adding acetone the equation shifts to the right

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