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A 2.0Kg otter starts from rest at the top of a muddy incline 85 cm long and slides down to the bottom in .50s. What net force acts on the otter along the incline?

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    The force (F) equals the mass (M= 2.0 kg) times the acceleration.

    If it travels 0.85 m in t = 0.50 s, the acceleration a is given by solving
    0.85 = (1/2) a t^2 = = (a/2)*0.25
    a = 6.8 m/s^2

    Solve for F

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    13.6 n

  • Physics -

    formula=average acceleration=average velocity/total time
    >>average velocity=displacement/time
    >>average velocity=0.85/0.5=1.7m/s
    >>average acceleration=1.7/0.5=3.4m/s^2

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