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my teacher says we should replace the verb to be (is, are,was,were, has been) and there are a couple places in my essay where i cant figure out hiw to change them...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

- Another instance of symbolism in “The Most Dangerous Game” is the death swamp that is stocked with many perils for Rainsford to overcome.

- A final symbol I found is the island itself

- Another symbol provided by the island is how all of its nuances help Zaroff get what he wants in the form of “game”, but it provides little help to the “game”.

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    The death swamp in "The Most Dangerous Game" is a symbol of the many perils Rainsford must overcome.

    Now you try the other two.

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    The death swamp in "The Most Dangerous Game" symbolizes the perils that Rainsford must overcome.

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