Calculus-Optimal Form: need help... please

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Suppose you are designing a coffee creamer container that has a volume of 48.42 cubic inches. Use the surface area and volume of a cylinder to develope an eqn. relating radius r and surface area S.


  • Calculus-Optimal Form: need help... please -

    S = 2 pi r^2 + 2 pi r h
    V = pi r^2 h
    h = 48.42 / pi r^2
    S = 2 pi r^2 + 2 pi r (48.42 /pi r^2)
    S = 2 pi r^2 + 96.84/r

  • Calculus-Optimal Form: need help... please -

    Now I am sure you want to find what r is best for this volume (uses the least metal for area)
    dS/dr = 4 pi r - 96.84/r^2
    = 0 for max or min of S
    4 pi r^3 = 96.84

  • Calculus-Optimal Form: need help... please -

    thnx! :)

  • optimal radius -

    how do i find the optimal radius?

  • Calculus-Optimal Form: need help... please -

    We did, read my second answer. I knew that would be next.
    4 pi r^3 = 96.84

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