Jishka help---again:P

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I'm bored so can one of you oh so kind people give me a topic to write an essay on and then maybe i can turn it in later? please and thanks -MC (btw:8th grade level, if i havnt already mentioned that's what im in ^^)

  • Jishka help---again:P -

    How about an essay on the evils of being bored, its causes, its effects, remedies, etc. That can occupy a good deal of your time.

  • Jishka help---again:P -

    ^_^ thanks mr.bob
    i still can't tell though, is that serious or sarcasm? -MC

  • Jishka help---again:P -


  • Jishka help---again:P -

    well fine but when i turn it in it has to be reveiwed too

  • Jishka help---again:P -

    I agree with DrBob that boredom would make a great topic for an essay. It's a common problem for many people, especially young adolescents.

    Follow his suggestions, think about it, write a coherent essay, and I'm sure you'll get good reviews.

  • Jishka help---again:P -

    ok thanks, i don't think I'll be needing the internet for that one though :D

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