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i have an interview tomorrow about the public issues in ohio and the future of ohio how do i go about talking/appearing/etiquette?

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    Be clear in the questions or answers you give.

    Appear confident, but not over-bearing.

    And of course, be polite and courteous.

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    what should I wear?

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    You want to dress in a way that shows you are mature and care about how you look. So, I would say something dress-casual. Wear nice but comfortable shoes. You want your appearance to make people take you seriously, but not be overdone (don't draw attention to yourself by wearing something very unusual). If you're there as a student, they may want to look like a student. If you will be on camera, there are certain things camera people prefer you not wear. You might do a google search for this. I think white and stripes are things not to wear. A white shirt under a blazer or jacket would probably be OK.
    Good luck!

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    can you give me some sample questions they might ask?

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    Lauren posted some excellent ideas about clothing for your interview.

    I assume the interview is tied in with tomorrow's election. Ohio's issues are similar to those of many other states. High unemployment, the recession, paying for good education, high costs of medical care, etc.

    Check out this site.

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