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A 47.0 g golf ball is driven from the tee with an initial speed of 54.0 m/s and rises to a height of 23.8 m.
(a) Neglect air resistance and determine the kinetic energy of the ball at its highest point.
(b) What is its speed when it is 10.0 m below its highest point?

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    (a) Subtract the potential energy at 23.8 m from the initial kinetic energy.

    (KE at highest pt.)
    = (initial KE) - M g H

    = (0.047 kg)*(54.0 m/s)^2/2
    - (0.047)(9.8)(23.80 =

    (b) 10.0 m below highest point is 13.8 m above tee elevation. Initial KE is decreased by M*g*13.8 m = 6.4 Joules at that elevation. Use that KE to get the corresponding speed

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    This formula is not very clear to me

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