Math riddle PIZZAZZ Worksheet

posted by Sophia

What happened to the grocer who stacked all of the liquid detergent no the high shelf?

plzzz help

  1. lfwu zygvacjt

    evuzq dhmcu rsby oyta tzgsnfl uedcaqih lmkuas

  2. Anonymous


  3. juiced

    idk i want to kno to!

  4. juiced

    oh and you put on backwords

  5. andrew

    he was jumping for joy

  6. Anonymous

    i had this for my math worksheet at mcgarvin intermediate todday, andwer "he was jumping for joy

  7. Anonymous


  8. F U C K


  9. BOB


  10. Isha

    What is the answer to did your how about on this math worksheet pg.211?

  11. josh

    i need help on my home work a-72

  12. Shelby

    He was jumping for joy

  13. Anonymous

    he was jumping forjoy

  14. Anonymus

    He was jumping for joy

  15. njj

    what isit

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