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Having a book on reserve and trying to read it, while others want the same book, is certainly not advantageous! However, if you can give me the exact TITLE, the AUTHOR or TRANSLATOR, the Publication Date (Copywrite), etc. I can try to find it. All I know at this point is that I find the play nowhere Online in English!

Is this an English class you are taking? For some reason you are concentrating on Spanish works. I'm very glad to see that but usually I can only read the Spanish version, which may not help you with lines, verses, etc.


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    Hello, actually through my college class its a spanish hispanic literature class done in english, and all of our books we bought except this one through our college is available online through ereserves and we have to look at it online which is hard for me to focus online. Ok exact title is The Playboy of Seville or secondary title is Eight spanish plays of golden age by Walter Starkie plublished by random house 1964 no copyright specified. Thanks so much.

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    Sorry that I could not find it. However, here are some ideas for your essay.

    BTW, what was your "classmate" trying to tell us?

    If you look at the titles of other translations you find the words: Trickster, Rogue, Playboy, Beguiler,Lady Killer, Seducer. I've always like the word "rounder" which is a dissolute person or a wastrel!

    You mentioned the "character" of D. Juan and the end of the play. How close to the end did you mean? I begin with Act III which shows he certainly has not repented his actions of Act I or Act II. This would encompass versos 1850-2954. We see how he deceives Aminta by saying he adores her and swears he will marry her. He also states "how badly she knows D Juan Tenorio. Let's not forget Isabela and Tisbea. Tisbea has his number! She calls him deceitful, notorious, saying "it's a bad woman who trusts men."

    It's interesting that this man who is so dishonorable actually keeps his promise to go to the chapel to meet D Gonzalo de Ulloa. For the first time he feels fear and says his "heart freezes" when he takes D Gonzalo's hand.

    Finally even his father, D Diego is angry at him and we know Octavio, who calls him a traitor, is. Aminta doesn't help the situation by stating that D Juan is her husband.

    Isabel does not want to marry D Juan, who deceived her as she believed he was Octavio in Act I. D Juan, however, seems happy now to marry her. Wwhen Catalinón tells him not to marry THAT day because it is Tuesday, let me explain how important that is. There is a Spanish saying "no te cases ni te embarques un martes" = neither marry nor go onboard (a ship) on Tuesday. You might say Tuesday is like Friday the 13th to Spaniards!

    D Juan swears he is not a coward although D Gonzalo suggests that when he reminds him that he ran away after killing him. D Juan simply says he didn't want anyone to recognize him.

    Can you picture why this play is often performed on Hallowe'en = just imagine the dinner of scorpions, fingernails, snakes and wine of gall (bile) and vinegar. The song being sung in this scene is foreshadowing: "plazo llega, deuda se paga" = payment is arriving and debt is paid. Now D Juan is ready to confess and repent, but D Gonzalo tells him "too late." He burns up and dies and D Gonzalo, the tomb and D Juan disappear.

    In case you aren't familiar with the term "Agnus Dei" it means "Lamb of God" requesting pity from God.

    Tisbea asks the King for justice and she gets it; all the women claiming D Juan as a husband, are declared widows, there are happy marriages now. Probably the only sad one is D Diego, realizing his son was a "bad seed!"

    Perhaps this line from the play sums it up best: "quien tal hace, que tal pague." = whoever does such a thing, may pay the same way. "What goes around comes around" or D Juan definitely deserved his ending.


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    Thanks, I found some ideas, what do you mean classmate trying to tell us? I found the other answer to my post about don juan and behavior, I put trickster, and playboy and womanizer, but needed more for him.

  • Alicia, Spanish -

    These questions she has been asking you are from our essay EXAMS. To be completed ALONE. This is cheating. She could fail the assignment or fail the class for this if the professor sees this.

  • Alicia, Spanish -

    I have been doing this assignment alone in fact I talked with my advisor and we can ask for help or guidance, I read the play online and know most of the answers.

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