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I have a question and I have read and read and cant comprend how to figure the problem.

a girl has 1/5 of her portfolio in us stocks and 1/8 in euro stocks and 1/10 in japanese stocks the rest is in municipal bonds.

what percent is in muncipal bonds and what fraction is in mucipal bonds. I know I need to start with making the fractions the same but I am so confused

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    Let's first find the common denominators of the fractions.

    1/5 = 8/40
    1/8 = 5/40
    1/10 = 4/40

    The total for stocks is 17/40 of her portfolio.

    40/40 - 17/40 = 23/40

    To find the percentage, divide:

    23/40 = ??

    Then change that decimal to a percent.

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    first find the common denominator. which is 40 so the fractions become 8/40 5/40 4/40. add them up and u get 17/40. then subtract 17/40 from 40/40 and you get 23/40 and that's your fraction. then divide 23 by 40 and you get 57.5% and that's your percent.

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    Thanks i was getting confused but you explained it well.

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