Math riddle, I need help!!

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Person A has one amount of money in his pocket, Person B has one amount of money in his pocket. If person A gives X amount to person B, person B will end up with 3 times more money than person A. However if person B gives the same amount X to person A, Person A will end up with double the amount of person B.

How much does each of the persons have in his pocket and what amount are they giving to each other?

  • Math riddle, I need help!! -

    (A-x)3 =B+x
    3A - 3 x = B + x
    4 x = 3A-B

    (B - x)2 = A + x
    2 B - 2x = A + x
    3x = 2 B - A

    12 x = 9 A - 3 B
    12 x = 8 B - 4 A
    0 = 13 A - 11 B
    11 B = 13 A
    a solution is
    A = 11 and B = 13
    then remember
    3x = 2 B - A
    3 x = 26 - 11 = 15
    x = 5

    multiples of those will also work though
    A =22, B =26, x = 10

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