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Compare the character in the song, "I Got Plenty O' Nuttin" to the character in the song, "Busted" by Ray Charles.

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    Both of these songs are great, aren't they? I'm partial to George Gershwin and Porgy & Bess. The character in "I Got Plenty O'Nuttin'" is upbeat and positive. He may also be "busted" but he's happy with what he does have - his gal, love and song.

    In contrast, the character in "Busted" has little or nothing as well, but he's more negative and unhappy.

    Neither one has very good grammar, although the character in "Busted" has had more "larning."

    Actually, what we have here is one character with the "glass half full" and the other with the "glass half empty."

    What do YOU think? :)


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    I think you are absolutely right. Thank you.

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