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I'm not really sure on how to prove statements are right with properties as reasons. How would you solve this?

If x + c = 0, then x = -c
1. x+c=0
2. (x+c)+(-c) = 0 + (-c)
3. x + [c+(-c)] = 0 + (-c)
4. x + 0 = 0 + (-c)
5. x = (-c)

Would 5 be the substitution property?

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    Does that mean 1 would be be reasoned by the substitution property?

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    yes i think that's correct coz when we do this sum ,,,we do it in this way

    -c -c (subtracting x both side)
    that is x=-c

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    Oh, thank you. For number 2, I originally had the definition of addition, but I was marked wrong. I'm not very sure, but wouldn't it be considered the definition of addition if you were adding (-c) to both sides? And also, in this case x+c would equal 0 so that would be the reason you are substituting 0 for x+c in number 2 as well. I don't really understand properties..

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    yes that's it/......u got it

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