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A aeroplane with a mass of 9940 kg completes a vertical loop of radius 596m with a speed of 155m/s. What normal force does the airplane seat exert on the 92 kg pilot at the top of the loop and at the bottom of the loop?

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    Centripetal force = M v^2/R = Weight +/- (seat force)

    A + sign applies at the top of the loop and a minus sign applies at the bottom.

    The weight is M g. M is the pilot's mass. The airplane's mass does not matter. Solve for the seat force

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    Thank you for giving both speed and radius this time:

    Ac = v^2/r

    at the top
    force on seat = m (v^2/r - g)
    = 92 (155^2/596 -9.8)
    = 2806 N

    at the bottom
    m (v^2/r + g)
    =92 (155^2/596 +9.8) = 4610 N

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