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US history- forming governments

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How did the factions that James Madison refer to in Federalist No. 1o apply to how both the Federalists and Anti-Federalists planned to deal with the problems of government we discussed in class today?

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    the problems we discussed are :

    1.preserving human nature
    2.preservation of govt
    3.ambition of people/self interest

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    Here is a copy of Federalist #10.

    Here are several sites on analysis:

  • US history- forming governments -

    I believe that Federalists opposed factions more than Anti-federalists because in Federalist Paper No.#10, Federalists were extremely against factions. They feared factions because they believed that factions would destroy the government. The Anti-Federalists on the other had wanted more public opinion and encouraged participation of the citizens. They did not believe in a big powerful, centralized national government, and thus, did not believe in a huge republic, therefore, they did not believe that factions would destroy the republic.

    Am I right?

    What do you think?

  • US history- forming governments -

    You are on the button! Good thinking!

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