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1. What are the means of public transportation in our country?

2. What does the color on the subway map mean?

3. Find and write down the sentences which are the reasons for the following sentences from the reading text.

4. Draw a line between the picture and the related sentence and write the numbers in order.

5. What are the strongpoints of the subway system? Talk about the strong points in the reading text and some other strong points.

6. Referring to Mike's passage, complete the next passage about the way from school to your house.

7. We live in a district community. Let's learn the expressions we use when we show the way

8. Just look at the picture.
8-1. Look at the picture.

(What is the difference between 8 and 8-1?)

Would you check the expressions above?
Please let me know grammatically wrong expressions.

  • English -

    In #s 3 and 6, the repetition of "sentences" and "passage" leads to confusion. Can you rephrase these?

    In #4, you need a comma after "sentence" because this is a compound sentence.

    Is #7 incomplete?

    There is almost no difference between 8 and 8-1. Adding the word "just" may add an impatient tone, but it doesn't change the meaning at all.

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