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I need help. I have information on the metric system. I have to list things at home and grocery store that display metric units. I don't know if I quite understand. I am trying to understand the reason behind my answer. The metric units and measurements are lengh, mas(weight), time, temperature, area, volum, density and so on.


Kelloggs Frosted Flakes because Net WT. 23 oz. (1lb. 7 oz.) (652g)

Zyrtec Allergy Medicine because 30 tablets 10 mg each

Is this right? Do I have the correct understanding?

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    Yes!!! :-) You're doing great!

    The metric measure for Frosted Flakes is 652 grams. The metric measure for the medicine is 10 milograms each.

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    So a measurement for a room in my house for example:

    A bath room 8X10 feet


    A pillow 10X12 inches?

    Would this be correct?

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    Feet and inches are not part of the metric system. If you have a meter stick or tape measure, you could measure the bathroom in meters. You could measure the pillow in centimeters.

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    So for the pillow I can put 25X30 mm?

    For the lenght, width I can use millimeter, centimeter, meter or kilometers?

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    That's a mighty small pillow. 25 by 30 millimeters is about the size of a postage stamp. The pillow is about 25 by 30 centimeters. A standard bed pillow is about 45 by 65 centimeters.

    Yes. Length is measured in millimeter, centimeter, meter or kilometers.

    I urge you to get a ruler or meter stick or tape measure that has both metric and English measurments.

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    A rancher has 200 feet of fencing with which to enclose two adjacent rectangular corrals. What measurements will produce a maximum enclosed area?

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    If you are to list them only, I think what you have done is ok. The frosted flakes box contains 23 oz which is the same as 1 lb 7 oz which is the same as 652 grams.
    One Zyrtec tablet contains 10 mg of the active ingredient (each tables does not weigh 10 mg; usually fillers are added).

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    For Zytrec the Quantity measured is the mass ("weight") and the unit will be milligrams. I am going by the information I have. Is this the correct understanding?

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    Yes, I think you are correct. I don't have a bottle at home so I can't check it out; however, I think the 10 mg is the active ingredient and not the weight of the individual tablet/capsule.

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    Yes you are right. It say cetirizine HCI/ antihistamine 10 mg tablets. But could I still use this as one of my answers?

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    Yes. Absolutely, use this as one of your examples of the metric system.

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