Religion.... I think you will know this.....

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Today my class got in trouble for talking so my teacher made us do 3 questions.... She said the answers are not in our book so I need help... Thanks so much!!!

1. What is Jesus's race?

2. Who was the ceasor (I don't know if "ceasor" is spelled correctly) at the time of Jesus's birth? (She gave a hint saying at his death, the ceasor was Tiberius.)

3. In what Providence did Jesus grow up?

  • Religion.... I think you will know this..... -

    1. that's something that no one knows for sure; in my opinion it doesn't even matter and it holds no importance in events in the Bible.
    2. In Luke 2 it clearly states that it wasCesar Augustus.
    3. His home town was Galilee or Nazareth

  • Religion.... I think you will know this..... -

    Jesus was Middle Eastern.

    Check this site to find the Roman leader (caesar) at the time of Jesus's birth.

    Also, check this site.

  • Religion.... I think you will know this..... -

    Jesus was Caucasian. Not much is known about him historically, but it's certain he was a Palestinian Jew, and as such, a semite. Semitic peoples are Caucasian. It should be noted that the concept of race among humans is complex, because humans travel, and are promiscuous--and that skin color isn't a reliable indicator of race (e.g. there are people in India who are Caucasian, yet possess very dark skin.)

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