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6. Who constitutes the “New Class”? How does the New Class differ from more traditional elites in its political attitudes? How do you explain the attitudes of the New Class? Are its members “enlightened” by higher education? Do they have class interest different from more traditional elites? Consider the two occupational categories mentioned in the text – banker, doctors, corporation presidents, and wall street lawyers (the traditional elite) veruss government officials, research scientists, professors, and the mass media. Which group would benefit most from each of the following developments?
- Large-scale nationalization of industry
- A reduction of income taxes on high incomes
- An increase in the number of social welfare programs
- Increased government control over the economy
- More political democracy through, for example, referenda

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    How does your text material define "new class?" We'll be glad to help you after you (1) define new class, and (2) make an attempt to answer these questions.

    What is the school subject that these questions are about?

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