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I imagine anywhere from 5th through high school

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    Here's your original question.

    I need some help with instructional strategies for encouraging community
    involvement and global awareness for social studies students. Please

    Our middle school took a school morning each fall and raked leaves in yards belonging to senior citizens. This was followed by a party at school in the afternoon. The kids loved that day!

    You could give make community service a part of your social studies curriculum. Require the students to spend so many hours volunteering in the community. It could be helping in their church, sorting and packing food at a food bank, reading to young children, etc. The needs are endless.

    For global awareness, stress world geography in social studies classes. Have a current events day every so often in which students report an item of world news. Penpals with students in foreign countries also helps increase their knowledge and awareness of the global community. Perhaps raise money for a charity that ministers to poor people in other countries -- or in your own community.

    Good luck!

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