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Hello, we are on the next play in english The playboy of seville? Our question is what does Don Juan stand for? Would I put for the answer he seduces women. Also, another question we have is how does the playwright molina portray Don Juan as a hero of freedom, or as a demonic antiher? If you could talk me through this that would be great, thanks,

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    First of all, it's interesting to note that the author, Tirso de Molina, was a priest. His fictional character is a lothario, or obsessive seducer of women. He begins with a Duchess but also seduces a peasant girl. The social class is not important to him and he promises marriage to get what he wants. He is definitely a womanizer. Although this was written in the 17th century, the play itself takes place in the 14th century. This Casanova personifies the devil = sin and evil. The title "El Burlador de Sevilla" has been translated as The Scoundrel/Playboy/Trickster/Prankster of Seville.

    In the name of the main character, Don Juan Tenorio, the word "Tenorio" means "lady-killer."

    What does he stand for? You might say "wickedness!" But, yes, indeed, he seduces just about every woman!

    Now, let's look at the definitions for "hero" and "antihero."

    Main Entry: he·ro
    Pronunciation: 'hir-(")O, 'hE-(")rO
    Function: noun
    Inflected Form(s): plural heroes
    Etymology: Latin heros, from Greek hErOs
    Date: 14th century
    1 a : a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability b : an illustrious warrior c : a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities d : one that shows great courage
    2 a : the principal male character in a literary or dramatic work b : the central figure in an event, period, or movement
    3 : plural usually heros : SUBMARINE 2
    4 : an object of extreme admiration and devotion : IDOL

    Main Entry: an·ti·he·ro
    Pronunciation: 'an-ti-"hE-(")rO, 'an-"tI-, -"hir-(")O
    Function: noun
    Date: 1714
    : a protagonist or notable figure who is conspicuously lacking in heroic qualities
    - an·ti·he·ro·ic /"an-ti-hi-'rO-ik, "an-"tI-/ adjective

    He may be admired by men but not by women!


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    that is very confusing i am glad i don't have that for homework

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