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My daughter must correct the problems that she has gotten wrong in math, and we are trying to help her. I can not remeber how to write decimals in exponential form, and I tried looking in her book. Can some one help me so that I can help my daughter. Thanks

Here is the problem: Write 0.04 in exponential form.

  • 5th grade math -

    Can somone please help me with this question. I need to try to explain to my 5th grader decimals with exponets.

  • 5th grade math -

    u just do say u had .50 and u wanted to put it into a percent u just move the decimal over two spaces and u get 50%

  • 5th grade math -

    correct. you move the decimal point over two times to the right and it becomes 50%

  • 5th grade math -

    i have to do patterns. the pattern is
    17_ 33_ _ 27 have no concept to follow

  • 5th grade math -

    Answer 0.04= 4*10power-2

    Example for writing in exponential form..hope you get the idea.....


  • 5th grade math -

    It would be like this if the number was 5.673
    you would write 5 and sixhundred seventy three thousndths
    The answer in how to write 5.673 is

  • 5th grade math -

    could time be least likely to see decimals used

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