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I'm in middle school, my sister, (Senior in hs) keeps telling me that she wants to go into liberal arts, but doesnt now what yet.

what are liberal arts? What careers associate with a liberal arts major or something?

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    Check this site.

    (Link to external site removed.)

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    Thanks Ms. Sue!

    Do you think a person good with math and bad at writing is ok for liberal arts? because i like to think out of the box, but i like it when theres a solid answer. i was thinking that too much? or should i major in something to do with math?

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    Since you're in middle school, you don't need to think about what your college major will be. :-) Even if you did decide now, I can almost guarantee that you'd change your mind several times in the next 8 years.

    Take all of the hard classes and also classes that interest you in high school. As you learn more about these subjects, you'll be able to narrow your interests down.

    Good luck!

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