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I just watched the video you posted the other day. Wow!!! That's scary!

It's far worse than Tom Lehrer's 1960s "New Math."

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    Very good. I have all of those old records and I especially like the one on the periodic table.

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    I was fortunate to attend the University of Waterloo in its early days, when it was the first University in North America, and as far as I know still is the only university to have a Faculty of Mathematics.

    They were a strong advocate of common sense math instruction and greatly influenced the Department of Education in Ontario to stay away from the "silly math" of the time.

    Even though in my early years of teaching we had some of those ideas such as doing arithmetic in different bases in the curriculum, I restricted it to base 2, 8 and 16 where it at least had some significance and application in early computer science.

    Some of the things I see today is really scary.

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    <<Some of the things I see today is really scary. >>

    Ooops, I guess that is grammatically incorrect.

    I could never figure out whether is was correct to say

    six and seven IS fourteen or
    six and seven ARE fourteen.

    which is it?

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    six plus seven equals thirteen

    but like binary only 50% or 1 in 10 get it

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    RATS ! you got it, lol

    An old "diversion" problem, picked up by watching politicians.

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