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Can I get some advice on guitars? I'm a 10th grade student looking to purchase a guitar and self-teach. Would you suggest starting off with acoustic rather than electric? Is there a particular guitar you would recommend to a beginner? What about costs?

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    Acoustic first...guitar isn't easy to play for some people. You need to acquire some callouses on your fingers or use nylon strings first. Most music stores can let you know the in and outs if you haven't researched it already.

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    Check this site to start your research.

    I'd also recommend shopping in local guitar/music shops for their recommendations.

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    well, test the acoustic
    and see if you like it first.

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    thanks very much

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    You're very welcome.

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    I'd say if you are interested in playing rock/blues/jazz rather than classical/folk/flamenco, you're better of going right to an electric guitar. Electrics are easier to play, and you're going to have more luck finding an appropriate tone for the music you want to learn. There are several good beginner level electric guitars on the market, but try to find an older friend or a guitar playing adult to go with you to the store. Don't buy on your first (or second) trip. Play a lot of guitars until you find one that feels good to you. If you can afford it, a good used "Made in Mexico" Fender Stratocaster or Telecaster can be had for around $200 via guitar stores or Craigslist. Buy a decent starter amp: usually not the one that comes in the starter packages. A small Line 6 is a good way to start, because they have a digital circuit that emulates many amp sounds so you can find yours. Finally, if you can afford it, try to take at least a few lessons: it will make the process go a lot faster and help you to avoid bad habits. Good luck, be patient and have fun!

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