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How to get good grades and learn about reality.?
Thesis: there are variety ways of getting good grades and learning about reality. One way to get good grades is by studying and working hard every day that will leads to higher grades average. Working hard is giving students reality that nothing comes easyChoose one of the topics above and1. Identify the main divisions of the topic2. outline the essay3. write details for the thesis you wrote in the above discussionI choose the topic How to get good grades and learn about reality. so how to use it with the three directions above and do i need to change my thesis

this is how my teacher wants it. so could someone please help me I need this today ASAP.

You should list the details or include them clearly in the outline. Outlines should be as follows:

I. Major Heading
A. Subheading
1. This is where the details appear. The
subheadings do not serve as all of
the supporting details.
a. further details to explain (1) as necessary.
This is more for something that is very detailed.

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