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Calculate the density of oxygen,O2 , under each of the following conditions:
1- STP
2- 1.00 atm and 35.0 C

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    If its an ideal gas (which it isn't), the gas at STP will occupy 22.4 L/mol.
    1 mol = 32 g for oxygen.
    density = 32/22.4 = ??

    For 308 K, determine how much 22.4 L will occupy from V1/T1 = V2/T2.
    Then 32/V2 = ??
    Check my thinking. Check my numbers.

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    For part 1, STP is 1.43 which is correct.

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    1146 joules of heat is released when a 100.0 gram sample of an unknown metal cools from 95.00°C to 65.00°C. Determine the specific heat of a metal.

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