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I need help with finding 13 mistakes in this paragraph.

some parts of the grand canyon have steep rocky slopes There are no trees or plants. Othar parts have short stubby bushes. columns of rock up to a mile (5,280 ft) high reach up from the canyon floor The Vulcan's Throne is a volcano cone. it rises 172 meters (567 f.t) from a rock shelf

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    What mistakes have you found?

    Please make the corrections, and we'll be glad to help you from there.

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    Some parts of the Grand Canyon have steep rocky slopes. There are no trees or plants. Other perts have short stubby bushes. Columns of rocks up to a mile (5,280 ft.) high reach up from the canyon floor. The Valcan's Throne is a volcano cone. It rises 172 meters (567 ft) from a rock shelf.

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    Other parts

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    You need commas:

    steep, rocky slopes
    short, stubby bushes
    rocks, up to a mile (5,280 ft.) high, reach
    Vulcan's Throne

    The rest of your corrections are right.

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    Thanks Sue!

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    You're welcome, Deja.

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    My teacher says there are only 13 mistakes. I corrected 15. Please help with these corrections below.

    Some (capital s)
    Grand Canyon (Capital G and C)
    Other (spelling)
    Columns (Capital C)
    high, (comma)
    It(capital I)

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