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I have been selected for this spelling bee. Can I have some tips? Thanks!

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    Hey my older brother has been in the spelling bee 3 times and has made it to county before. He says don't freak out when you get on stage and if you do get a word wrong don't be embarrassed because alot of other people get the words wrong. Make sure you study with your parents or friends and be confident in yourself. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!

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    Congratulations on being part of a spelling bee!

    I've coached many spelling teams and pronounced at our county bee for years.

    Lauren is absolutely right. Keep calm, take your time, and don't freak if you get a word wrong.

    Before the bee, study, study, study. One winning student had his mom quiz him while he ate breakfast. Most students find it helpful to write the words they get wrong in practice sessions. That uses several of your senses and gives you the opportunity to say the word, "feel" the word, see the word, and hear the letters.

    Good luck!

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