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Is it not good for health to eat soup all the time?


Health - Ms. Sue, Sunday, October 5, 2008 at 8:55pm
Why not?

Homemade soup with fresh meat and vegetables is healthy. Canned soups usually don't provide the nutrients and have far too much salt.

Thank you.
If we do not eat cooked rice, potatoes, vegetables, fish, meat, etc, what will happen. If we eat soup all the time, does the stomach have some problems? Or if we eat soup for a long time, can we have strong and healthy stomach?

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    Homemade soup is usually made with cooked rice or pasta, vegetables, fish or meat. I don't see why it homemade soup is any less healthy than eating these things separately. The only difference is that the food is cut up in small pieces in the soup. Many cuisines cut up the food before serving it. In addition, good soup uses a vegetable or meat broth for added nourishment.

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