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im srry i know i already asked about some things but i cant figure out thes two

8. minor c. keith provided financial service to this country in return for long term leases

13. this said that cuba must allow the u.s to establish naval bases there

is the answer to number 13 treaty of paris


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    Is this a crossword? If it is, can you give the number of letters for each problem? thx

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    8. Check this site.

    13. It's not the Treaty of Paris -- but it is --

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    I THINK the answer to number 8 is Costa Rica, but I'm not really sure........ As for number 13, I'm just about positive the answer is the Cuban-American Treaty. (on wikipedia, look up in the search box Cuban-American Treaty for verification on the information for number13. for number 8, look up minor c. keith)

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    By the way, Ms. Sue, I didn't copy off of your post, just to let you know :)

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    I know, Emily. :-) We posted about the same time. GMTA!

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    LOL :-)

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