3rd grade english

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how many syllables are there in once?

  • 3rd grade english -

    There's only one syllable in once.

  • 3rd grade english -

    how about in first and they're and week and field?

  • 3rd grade english -

    I suggest you look these words up in a dictionary to find the number of syllables in each.

    Here's a good online dictionary.


  • 3rd grade english -

    is air a rhyming word for they're ?

  • 3rd grade english -

    Yes. Air and they're rhyme.

  • 3rd grade english -

    Word Count 1
    Syllable Count 1
    Character Count (alphanumeric) 4

    Mean syllables per word 1.00
    Mean characters per word 4.00

  • 3rd grade english -

    I need help writing sentences that use adverbs.

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