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I am helping my 3rd grader with a her math and me and my boyfriend can not agree on the answer to this question..can anyone give the answer and tell how to solve it. THANK YOU!

Darin counted 46 more cars than trucks in a parking lot. There were 29 trucks. Write an expression that shows how many cars were in the parking lot.

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    29 + 46 = ?

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    ok thank you.

    See I say there are 75 cars, cars only. Making it a total of 104 of cars and trucks.

    29 trucks
    29 cars
    and then the 46 more cars

    total 75 cars and 29 trucks.

    problem ask for just cars.. 75

    29 + 46 = 75

    He keeps getting the total 75 then subtracting 29 (for the trucks) and having 46 cars. So he has the answer as 46 - 29 = 17

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    Yes. There are 75 cars in the parking lot.

    The answer of 17 doesn't make any sense.

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