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A refugee who had just arrived in Canada from a destitute country in the economically-developing world might easily feel that there is no scarcity in this country. In a paragraph, explain to this person why there is, in fact, scarcity in all nations of the world and give two examples of scarcity in Canada.

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    Here are a number of sites on scarcity in Canada.

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    Canada, like all nations, has scarcity. The country that you have came from also has scarcity. Although the scarcity in your country is obvious and easy to see and in Canada it is not as visible, both countries share the common agony of scarcity. At the moment Canada is experiencing a labour shortage. There are so many jobs in need of employees but not enough skilled workers to fill the positions. Many cities need more police to keep them safe, oil companies and contractors are having to bring in foreign workers to aid in filling the gaps of workers. Another example of scarcity in Canada is shelter. There are continuous problems with homelessness. Not enough shelters are being built and people are forced to live on the streets. Even though the scarcity in Canada is not as visible as the scarcity in your country, both nations suffer in similar ways.

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