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A pair of fuzzy dice is hanging by a string from your rearview mirror while you are accelerating from a stoplight to 28m/s in 6.0swhat angle θ does the string make with the vertical?.

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    Yea, I have the same problem except the numbers are a little different does anyone know an equation that could help?

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    Horizontal components of the forces are as follows:

    T(sin Θ) = ma --- Equation 1

    and the vertical components of the forces are

    T(cos Θ) = mg --- Equation 2


    T = tension in the string
    Θ = angle that string makes with the vertical
    m = mass of the object
    a = acceleration = 28/6 = 4.667 m/sec^2
    g = acceleration due to gravity = 9.8 m/sec^2 (constant)

    Dividing Equation 1 with Equation 2,

    T(sin Θ)/T(cos Θ) = ma/mg

    and simplifying the above,

    tan Θ = 4.667/9.8

    tan Θ = 0.476

    Θ = arc tan 0.476

    Θ = 25.5 degrees

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