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i am given 2.60*10 to the 15th power short tons (which 1 short ton equals to 2000 lb) and i am suppose to convert that into metric tons in which I have that( 1 metric ton equals to 1000 kg) I need help in knowing the steps to work this problem out thanks

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    You need to convert 2.60 x 10^15 short tons to pounds. Convert pounds to kg. Convert kg to metric tons.
    2.60 x 10^15 s.tons x (1000 lb/1 s.ton) x (1 kg/2.2045 lbs) x (1 metric ton/1000 kg) = ??
    Check my thinking. Look through the conversions and see that s.tons cancel with s. tons, lb cancel lbs, kg cancel with kg, and the only unit left is metric tons.

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