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In rectangle MNPQ, the ratio of the length of MP is 4:5.

a) Does this ratio tell you how long MN is? Explain.
b) What if MN is 12cm long. How long is MP? Use a diagram to illustrate your answer. Show your work.

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    A ratio requires two numbers. I have no idea what you mean by the ratio of one length. Ratio to what other length?

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    im not sure that's all it says in the textbook.

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    sorry i but carly as my name it was actually me

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    the answer in the back says
    a) no, it only tells the proportion
    b)15 cm

    how would i show my work for b?

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    hello???? can anyone help me with my question plz??

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    nvm then since no one will help me :'(

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