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Cuando es tu cumpleanos ( dia-mes-ano)

does this tanslate to when were you born? ( day month year)

is the answer correct -

Tu cumpleano Febraro uno 1994 ( HELP )

  • claire -

    The question is correct, but literally it is "When is your birthday (day-month-year)?"

    Your answer should be in the first person. Febrere is misspelled. You must mean an(~)o instead of uno. You also need a verb.

  • claire -

    ¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños? (día, mes, año)

    Now look at that question with the word "tu" which implies that it asks about YOUR birthday. When is your birthday? Many students find it difficult to answer Spanish questions, so here are the steps to take:
    1. Read the Spanish question.
    2. Ask the question now in English.
    3. Answer FIRST in English.
    4. Now, answer in Spanish.

    Then the answer must be: My birthday is the first of February = Mi cumpleaños es el primero de febrero de mil novecientos noventa y cuatro.

    It would be helpful to NOT have multiple posts! That is only confusing and I always read your LAST post FIRST!


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